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Sinisterly SINical

Humanity and its entitlements???

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Humanity and its entitlements???

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I have a co-worker here at work, MJ (whom you've probably heard me wax philosophic about before) who is just really...a piece of work. Annoying would be a better way of putting it. Last week, I took some time at home to make up three tiny felt stockings to decorate me and my department member's cubicles. The stockings took took quite a bit of work to make (cutting the felt, patching the sides together, gluing on embellishments) and as such I only had time to make those three. MJ is not part of my department and doesn't even sit on my floor. Two days after the stockings were made, she happened by my desk and noticed the tiny do-dad hanging from my name plate. She immediately demanded a stocking of her own and then went on loudly about how "everyone had gotten cutesy little Christmas decorations to put at their desks except for her". I felt a little put out by her demand (although she tried to make it good natured) but went home that night to make her one. This morning I finally brought in the stocking, along with a Christmas card and candy cane. I went down to her desk to drop it off and noticed that her desk had been literally inundated with Christmas parafenalia; stockings, cards, candy canes, etc. I was a bit tickled and added my offerings to this shrine of Christmas kitsch. As I was leaving her desk, I noticed a mutual friend of ours standing by the water bubbler. I mentioned dropping off the card at MJ's desk and she laughed, saying "Did you notice all the stuff she has? It's cause she came down here complaining two days ago that no one every brings her anything and so people felt bad and started giving her stuff." She meant it as a joke but there was a slight lilt to her voice that belied her jocularity. I was amazed that MJ had had the gall to go and complain about not receiving trifles that most people only hand out in good faith and as signs of appreciation and friendship. I have noticed that she hasn't offered her own handmade stockings or even any Christmas cards and was tempted to go back and retrieve the items that I left. But that would have been spiteful. 

Everyday humanity and its denizens just amaze me with their issues of entitlement and their brazenness. I don't think I will ever get used to it.
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