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Sinisterly SINical

Mission: Disaster

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Mission: Disaster

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I just had to mention something about this article I just recently read another article regarding the dangers of certain Disney theme-park rides and now I’m just flabbergasted that, less then three months later, someone else has been rendered unconscious from exposure to a ride at Walt Disney World. That makes a total of two deaths, not to mention a score of people that have had health-related issues, directly linked to exposure to the ride," Mission: Space", which subjects its riders to twice the force of normal gravity to simulate the experience of blasting into space. Ok, am I the only person out here who thinks a ride of this caliber is ludicrous, to say the least? I realize that we, as American’s, need a bit more umph in our rides to get the ole’ blood pumping. After all, everything here is so extreme. We have Extreme Sports, Extreme Cooking, Extreme television…hell I’m holding out for Extreme Home Schooling where students are forced to learn advanced trigonometry while dangling over an active volcano. But not everyone is cut out to be so extreme. Perhaps the ride, despite Disney’s "safety precautions" is dangerous? Has it ever crossed Disney’s minds, not to mention the minds of the ride’s designers, that most normal people are not prepared to experience such G-forces? Astronauts train months to be able to hold their lunches during the tremendous stress of a missions launch so why, oh why!, does Disney believe that an average normal everyday Joe is going to be able to sit through a couple of seconds of that and then go bouncing off to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride as if nothing happened???

Disney would like to reiterate that warning signs are posted and that those with known heart conditions are cautioned not to ride "Mission: Space". The catch here is the word "known". A lot of heart conditions are silent and deadly killers, meaning that they aren’t manifest into something triggers them. There are people walking around now whose tickers are getting ready to tick their last and they have no idea of the danger they’re in. Some heart conditions manifest over time, meaning that a healthy thirty year-old who aced his last physical may not know that they have developed a condition. Well, he will know after he steps, or is carried, from Mission: Space because Disney’s PR Rep will be sure that a thorough investigation is mounted and will surely unmask the errant heart condition which caused Joe Smith to keel over after his ride and absolve Disney from all blame. But does that actually absolve Disney from blame? I believe that these highly televised incidents are more then enough proof that the ride is dangerous and perhaps should be scaled down a bit, if not out-right tabled altogether. How many people have to die in the interest of Extreme Theme Park Rides? Come on Disney, get a clue! The ride is a bit before it’s time, your precautions aren’t working, and the victims are going to continue to mount until you install EKG machines at the rides entrance to screen every individual that steps foot on it to be certain that no risk factors are present that may cause the errant and unfortunate death of a passenger. And that’s just ludicrous!

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