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Sinisterly SINical

How high can they go?

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How high can they go?

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So the unthinkable, the unimaginable, has happened. Here in Wisconsin, gas prices actually topped the $3 per gallon mark and, after reading CNN online, I haven't much hope that there is relief in sight. One analyst claimed that prices might soar to over $4 per gallon! Obviously the effects of Hurricane Katrina aren't just being felt on the coast but across the country. Like ripples in a pond we are feeling the reciprocal effects of that one big disturbance.

What would happen if gas reached such epic costs though? Pricing analysts are saying that consumers will definitely start changing their spending, and driving, habits to compensate. Those that drive several miles to work, how will it effect them? Of course, the effects of this pricing hike is going to be felt in even the most mundane of things. Groceries for instance. Some analysts are reporting that the price of things like fresh produce will go up because of the cost of shipping increasing. Prices of shipping companies like Fed-Ex and UPS could rise. Airline costs??? Oh yea, they're already outrageous but let's see how high they can go before everyone starts bussing it again.

I'm afraid...I'm very afraid.
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