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Sinisterly SINical

Just a little thing...

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Just a little thing...

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I had learned a while ago that something written can often be misconstrued. And the most innocent enough things are often times the things that, strangely enough, people will misconstrue. Funny thing is that because of this Murphy’s Law-type pecularity of life, I’ve schooled myself in journal-writing. My journal had and has become a forum for my personal thoughts. Ahem, my morally censured personal thoughts. I have stopped writing about my personal life because the world appears to indeed be a small one and so often I’ve found wolves in my happy hen houses of friends. And while before I found it a source of power to just start banning people from my journal, the thrill of that soon wore off and I saw it as just plain childish. I found it of a far more superior intellect to just ignore the hypocrites that I have somehow befriended or fallen in league with and righteously snub their idiotic and simplistic comments.

Oh, and I’ve insured that anonymous comments are screened before being posted. I’m not that morally superior.

My point today is a simple one, society weighs heavily on every individual and its influences are subtle but still noticeable. We change our habits to benefit the greater good. We school ourselves in beliefs that sometimes we aren’t exactly in agreeance with. We adapt, sadly enough, to the baseness of others and the simple-mindedness. We adapt for the greater good and in the interests of keeping the peace while a great ember lies beneath the surface burning to get out.

It’s funny how that fire extinguishes itself. It’s funny when it does…
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