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Sinisterly SINical

Things that make you go, "Hmmm"

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Things that make you go, "Hmmm"

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As we were crusing along I-94 to get to work today, all the electronic billboards read the same enviroment-concerned message, "Ozone Action Day Today. Please reduce emissions." Isn't that nice, I thought. The irony of the message was that it was posted on Interstate electronic billboards meant to caution of traffic congestion and such. The only people privy to the message would be those already on the Interstate and happily driving along. How exactly are commuters, already communting, supposed to reduce emmisions? Are we suddenly supposed to get an epiphany and turn around and drive home, opting to take environmentally friendly mass transit instead? Or were we supposed to get to work and opt to leave our vehicles there instead of driving them home?

So I don't appear the complete cynic, there were probably radio and television news messages to go with it. I just thought the highway billboards were funny.
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