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"Love ALL, Trust a FEW, Do wrong to NONE" ~William Shakespeare

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August 3rd, 2011

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This is a FRIENDS ONLY Journal. Would-be friends please apply in person.

December 11th, 2006

Everyday humanity and its denizens just amaze me with their issues of entitlement and their brazenness. I don't think I will ever get used to it.

August 17th, 2006

Can someone please advise me if I’m the only sane person left on this planet? Or, ok, let’s be a bit more modest. Am I the only one that still feels…this way? Sometimes I look around at the world and it’s inhabitants and I just can’t fathom how we let societal mores degrade to such a level. Where children are rude, selfish, and unthinking and we chalk it all up to "boys being boys" or "the foibles of youth". My mother remarked recently that the nature of all children was to be selfish and it was up to the parents and the rest of society to teach them otherwise. What happens if their parents and society doesn’t teach them better? Doesn’t know better themselves? Her answer? "Then they, and US, are screwed." 


August 7th, 2006

After an extremely long hiatus, I am once again among the priviledged many that own a car. A running car at that! And it's not too shabby either. My goodness! I can have a social life again!

August 3rd, 2006

Employee of the Month

Yes, it has happened to me! What fluke of nature? Perhaps my letter writing campaign has paid off. Say "Hello" to July 2006's G&E Employee of the Month!

July 11th, 2006

Mission: Disaster


I just had to mention something about this article I just recently read another article regarding the dangers of certain Disney theme-park rides and now I’m just flabbergasted that, less then three months later, someone else has been rendered unconscious from exposure to a ride at Walt Disney World. That makes a total of two deaths, not to mention a score of people that have had health-related issues, directly linked to exposure to the ride," Mission: Space", which subjects its riders to twice the force of normal gravity to simulate the experience of blasting into space. Ok, am I the only person out here who thinks a ride of this caliber is ludicrous, to say the least? I realize that we, as American’s, need a bit more umph in our rides to get the ole’ blood pumping. After all, everything here is so extreme. We have Extreme Sports, Extreme Cooking, Extreme television…hell I’m holding out for Extreme Home Schooling where students are forced to learn advanced trigonometry while dangling over an active volcano. But not everyone is cut out to be so extreme. Perhaps the ride, despite Disney’s "safety precautions" is dangerous? Has it ever crossed Disney’s minds, not to mention the minds of the ride’s designers, that most normal people are not prepared to experience such G-forces? Astronauts train months to be able to hold their lunches during the tremendous stress of a missions launch so why, oh why!, does Disney believe that an average normal everyday Joe is going to be able to sit through a couple of seconds of that and then go bouncing off to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride as if nothing happened???

Disney would like to reiterate that warning signs are posted and that those with known heart conditions are cautioned not to ride "Mission: Space". The catch here is the word "known". A lot of heart conditions are silent and deadly killers, meaning that they aren’t manifest into something triggers them. There are people walking around now whose tickers are getting ready to tick their last and they have no idea of the danger they’re in. Some heart conditions manifest over time, meaning that a healthy thirty year-old who aced his last physical may not know that they have developed a condition. Well, he will know after he steps, or is carried, from Mission: Space because Disney’s PR Rep will be sure that a thorough investigation is mounted and will surely unmask the errant heart condition which caused Joe Smith to keel over after his ride and absolve Disney from all blame. But does that actually absolve Disney from blame? I believe that these highly televised incidents are more then enough proof that the ride is dangerous and perhaps should be scaled down a bit, if not out-right tabled altogether. How many people have to die in the interest of Extreme Theme Park Rides? Come on Disney, get a clue! The ride is a bit before it’s time, your precautions aren’t working, and the victims are going to continue to mount until you install EKG machines at the rides entrance to screen every individual that steps foot on it to be certain that no risk factors are present that may cause the errant and unfortunate death of a passenger. And that’s just ludicrous!

May 22nd, 2006

My Ideal Pet

Your Ideal Pet is a Cat
You're both aloof, introverted, and moody. And your friends secretly wish that you were declawed!
What's Your Ideal Pet?

Considering the fact that I own a cat, that's pretty darned good. I also have a dog...hmm, this does not bode well for Heavyn.

May 18th, 2006

Did I mention that I was promoted last week? Now I’m a Lead Analyst. What that means…well it just means that they think I know what I’m doing. In the words of DCD (one of our partner’s here), "I’m a star and not a try-harder". Such lovely sentiments here at G&E. What it means for me is that I’m making a little more money, which is what I desperately needed. I still am not where I would like to be, but I’m getting closer everyday.

February 13th, 2006

No Diggity? You Lie!

In another surprising turn of affairs, Diggity was let go. Sources close to the scene are flabbergasted...and somewhat scared. MJ was quoted as saying, "Oh shit, I'm next!" And Stephanie? She's picking up a newspaper on the way home. We don't understand why. He was a great employee! In on weekends, in earlier then the birds awaking in the morning. Conspiracy! I say "Conspiracy!"

Diggity, you'll be missed. KIT!

November 11th, 2005

The anthem of LiL WyKeD


I’m a little bit of sugar,

But a whole LOT of spice.

In my heart there burns fire,

In my eyes there is ice.

I’m the death of adversity

I’m the bane to all vice.

And while I may know some niceties,

I am anything but nice.

Where ever there be trouble,

No matter how small.

I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

All you need is but call.

So take heed and beware!

Hear the sound of the drums?

Ah, yes something WyKeD

Does this way comes…

September 29th, 2005

Ask Me How I'm doing

Just Like a PillCollapse )

All better now :-)

September 2nd, 2005

ANARCHY in New Orleans?!?

I don't know but there just appears to be something wrong with that phrase. I was on the commuter bus this morning, drinking my skim mocha and reading a book, when I happened to glance across the aisle and see a woman reading the latest edition of the Journal Sentinel. That headline was blazed across the front page in something like 32 point font. Big and black and ugly, the word "ANARCHY" capatilized. I felt it was humorous at first. When's the last time we saw that word capatilzed on the front page and having to do with a "civilized" American society?

When I got off the bus, I thought, "What the hell, I'll splurge and spend fifty cents on a newspaper. A real newspaper instead of the online version to read about this historic happening."

My humor turned to dismay as I read about the worsening conditions in Louisianna. Anarchy, I think, about covers it. Groups of armed men roaming the streets, snipers opening fire on rescuers attempting to evacuate hospitals, people trapped in dismal and appalling conditions, crammed in the Superdome and a local convention center like rats in a goldfish bowl. Reports from the Superdome border on archaic as they describe people running around with guns and riots resulting from fights over food.

Tragedy brings out the best...and the worst...in people it seems. And that's just my point.

When the tsunami hit, countries from around the globe rushed to provide aid. All we saw splashed across the news were scenes of heroic rescues and human good-will as the world banded together to help those in crisis. Hurricane Katrina slams against our coast like a train bearing down on a trapped car...and we get anarchy. Where is our world aide? Where are the outpourings of love and support? Where are the open arms extended in aid to a nation that literally bankrupts itself to help everyone else? Where is even a god-d$mned fruit basket with a sympathy note from all those other countries that we try, countless times, to help? Yes, our help my be unwarranted but a good deed is a good deed nonetheless, right? RIGHT? So many times I laugh cynically and think that before we try to police the world, we should police ourselves and that we often do ourselves in with our charitable outreachings. I believe that. When big brother needs a leg up, are all those other countries snickering behind their backs and pointing at us with malevolent glee? Or are they just shaking their head's saddly and prophesizing about this being what the big bad US gets?

Bush claims that there isn't enough aid going down South. But he's helpless to do more than tour the ravaged coast and shake his head and cluck like a nervous hen. Congress approved something like a billion dollars in diseaster aid...Hey,where is that money coming from? Oh silly me, they had a billion dollars stashed under the mattress for just such an occassion! RIIIGGGHT.

Something isn't right. This isn't right. But the world will spin and I'm just a squeaky wheel trying desperately to obtain a bit of oil for another cause. Sigh

EDIT I'd like to thank petronivs for his help in directing me towards this link (http://www.cnn.com/2005/WEATHER/09/02/katrina.world/index.html) outlining some of the aid that has been offered from other countries. I was particularly touched by the tiny nation of Sri Lanka's pledge for aid. I was a bit chagrined by Germany's response of, "we'll help but the US doesn't really need it." I'm paraphrasing to say the least but that's just what I got out of it.

August 31st, 2005

How high can they go?

So the unthinkable, the unimaginable, has happened. Here in Wisconsin, gas prices actually topped the $3 per gallon mark and, after reading CNN online, I haven't much hope that there is relief in sight. One analyst claimed that prices might soar to over $4 per gallon! Obviously the effects of Hurricane Katrina aren't just being felt on the coast but across the country. Like ripples in a pond we are feeling the reciprocal effects of that one big disturbance.

What would happen if gas reached such epic costs though? Pricing analysts are saying that consumers will definitely start changing their spending, and driving, habits to compensate. Those that drive several miles to work, how will it effect them? Of course, the effects of this pricing hike is going to be felt in even the most mundane of things. Groceries for instance. Some analysts are reporting that the price of things like fresh produce will go up because of the cost of shipping increasing. Prices of shipping companies like Fed-Ex and UPS could rise. Airline costs??? Oh yea, they're already outrageous but let's see how high they can go before everyone starts bussing it again.

I'm afraid...I'm very afraid.

July 29th, 2005

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July 24th, 2005

A meme about how weird I am

I think it's wrong...I'm WAY weirder than this!

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July 19th, 2005

Just a little thing...

I had learned a while ago that something written can often be misconstrued. And the most innocent enough things are often times the things that, strangely enough, people will misconstrue. Funny thing is that because of this Murphy’s Law-type pecularity of life, I’ve schooled myself in journal-writing. My journal had and has become a forum for my personal thoughts. Ahem, my morally censured personal thoughts. I have stopped writing about my personal life because the world appears to indeed be a small one and so often I’ve found wolves in my happy hen houses of friends. And while before I found it a source of power to just start banning people from my journal, the thrill of that soon wore off and I saw it as just plain childish. I found it of a far more superior intellect to just ignore the hypocrites that I have somehow befriended or fallen in league with and righteously snub their idiotic and simplistic comments.

Oh, and I’ve insured that anonymous comments are screened before being posted. I’m not that morally superior.

My point today is a simple one, society weighs heavily on every individual and its influences are subtle but still noticeable. We change our habits to benefit the greater good. We school ourselves in beliefs that sometimes we aren’t exactly in agreeance with. We adapt, sadly enough, to the baseness of others and the simple-mindedness. We adapt for the greater good and in the interests of keeping the peace while a great ember lies beneath the surface burning to get out.

It’s funny how that fire extinguishes itself. It’s funny when it does…

July 15th, 2005

Blogging type meme

Uh, no...this is all wrong. Just laughably wrong!

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July 14th, 2005

How observant am I?

I cheated...hehehehe!
That's pretty observant, ain't it?

Overall, Your Observation Skills Get: B+
Your senses are pretty sharp (okay, most of the time)
And it takes something big to distract you!

July 11th, 2005

As we were crusing along I-94 to get to work today, all the electronic billboards read the same enviroment-concerned message, "Ozone Action Day Today. Please reduce emissions." Isn't that nice, I thought. The irony of the message was that it was posted on Interstate electronic billboards meant to caution of traffic congestion and such. The only people privy to the message would be those already on the Interstate and happily driving along. How exactly are commuters, already communting, supposed to reduce emmisions? Are we suddenly supposed to get an epiphany and turn around and drive home, opting to take environmentally friendly mass transit instead? Or were we supposed to get to work and opt to leave our vehicles there instead of driving them home?

So I don't appear the complete cynic, there were probably radio and television news messages to go with it. I just thought the highway billboards were funny.
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